Why Volunteer?

Because we have a blast riding with the kids! Volunteers are essential to the work of Trips For Kids and the lives of the people we touch. Volunteers provide both program and administrative support and are an integral part of our program. We attempt to create meaningful and productive roles for all our volunteers.      A volunteer must be officially accepted and enrolled by Trips For Kids Boston prior to the day of a trip.

Our current volunteer openings are:

Ride LeaderThe Ride Leader leads the ride for the day on a route. The Ride Leader must be CPR certified and an experienced cyclist.

Ride Guide – The Ride Guide accompanies the ride and assists the Ride Leader with the management of the ride by working with the kids and other volunteers to maintain a safe and fun environment. No experience necessary, except for the ability to ride a bike.

Because we are an organization working with children, our volunteer recruitment and selection is very important to the safety and well being of all involved. Trips For Kids Boston takes all precautions to ensure that volunteers will be able to safely participate and will not jeopardize their own health, while keeping our clients safe from harm. With this in mind, we require that all potential volunteers complete the following:

  • Volunteer Application Form
  • Participant Release Form
  • Medical Information Form
  • CPR/First Aid Certificate – for Ride Leaders only
  • Criminal Record Check: Trips For Kids Boston conducts a criminal record check on all volunteers. This is done to insure the safety of the children we serve. We must investigate any criminal convictions on record. The nature of the offense(s), and the date(s), when it (they) occurred will be taken into consideration when deciding to accept the services of a volunteer. Volunteers who do not agree to the criminal records check will be refused an assignment with our organization.
  • Massachusetts Sexual Registry Check – Trips For Kids Boston checks all potential volunteers with the State of Massachusetts to insure one is not listed on the Massachusetts Sexual Registry List.
  • References: Trips For Kids Boston requires that all volunteers provide three references.

I’m ready to volunteer! – How do I do it?

  1. Contact Mark Hurley, kbamhurle@comcast.net, to let us know of your interest and download the Volunteer Forms from the blue box on the right side of this page.
  2. Complete and send to Mark your Volunteer Application, Release Form, and Medical Information Form.
  3. Review the on-line Ride Schedule on this website.
  4. Email or call to reserve a spot for a ride.

Be at the ride location at least 15 minutes prior to ride start time. Bring yourself, a smile, and a love for cycling. Also please bring a bicycle, helmet, appropriate clothing and a sturdy pair of shoes.

Have fun and change the life of a child.

Trips For Kids Boston accepts the services of all volunteers with the understanding that all are accepted at our discretion. Volunteers agree that Trips For Kids Boston may at any time and for whatever reason decide to terminate the volunteer’s relationship with our organization.


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