The Trips for Kids Boston youth biking program is a non-profit volunteer organization that provides mountain biking outings and environmental education to youth who might otherwise not have the opportunity. Our goal is to take youth to areas that normally are out of their reach and allow them to experience situations that will help extend their world.  We develop practical cycling skills as well as leadership abilities, self-esteem and increase the fitness level of all participants. We encourage teamwork and kindness among participants and incorporate trail etiquette, environmental stewardship and FUN into all rides.

Trips for Kids National grew out of the success of the first Trips for Kids “chapter”, which avid mountain biker and environmentalist Marilyn Price started in Marin County, California in 1988.  Marilyn knew that many kids who lived in the inner-city of San Francisco had never experienced the beauty of open space just a few miles away in Marin County. By the late 1990’s, Trips for Kids Marin had evolved from a one-woman show into an organization with a dedicated staff and hundreds of volunteers. Marilyn realized that she had an obligation to share the wisdom she had gained with the rest of the country. She formed Trips for Kids National in 1999.

Today, with support from our sponsors, Trips for Kids Boston provides a new challenge for youth from diverse backgrounds and who face different challenges in life.  Some youth come from inner city areas, some from areas with limited out-of-school activities, and some come from homes where families cannot afford to buy a bicycle.  Despite their differences, all the kids have one thing in common – they are kids and kids love bikes.  TFK knows that mountain biking can be a powerful tool to build self esteem, to encourage teamwork, and to offer a sense of accomplishment on trail that can change lives off trail.


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